Online video marketing: trends, tips and examples of best practice

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Video Marketing is a way of promoting a product or brand through the use of a video clip no longer than five minutes.  The best marketing campaigns incorporate a video into the mix.  Video Marketing has a number of benefits to a brand such as, increasing search engine optimisation, boost conversation rates, videos are effective, easily accessible and emotional connections can be made.  When creating a video, it is important to have a clear message and a call to action for your audience.  In recent years this has become very popular and we have seen a growing trend of brands using video marketing as a way of promotion and brand awareness.  With video we can relate better to a brand as it can have the emotional aspect, the pain points that trigger a response in the human body.

What I am going to bring you through is trends, tips and examples of best practices in video marketing and hopefully get you started in making your own viral video.


Did you know that 100 million users watch online video each day?

16 minutes and 49 seconds is the average time a user spends watching video’s each month.

In 2015, Twitter launched auto play in our news feed, Facebook has given advertisers the option to buy video ads and Snapchat has the added use of personalized filters and stories.  In recent years the play button has become the most compelling call-to-action on the web.  Research has shown that using the word “Video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%.  Online video now accounts for 50% of online traffic.  There are two websites which I found when researching this topic that have phenomenal statistics about video marketing which I myself could not believe.  These are Hubspot and Video Brewery.  I suggest that you check them out.


When video marketing it isn’t always as simple as pressing record and become famous. 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute to Youtube so don’t be surprised if the video you though was genius doesn’t get noticed.

According to Social Mouths there is a formula and also plenty of valuable tips and tricks to help you make the best videos and gifs, there even is a calculator called the viral coefficient calculator, that helps you check your chances of online stardom.  This calculator was invented by Jonah Berger who also wrote a book outlining tips called “Contagious: the Social Currency”

Social Mouths have stated that in order to make a video go viral it must be:

  • Likable
  • Shareable
  • Short and sweet
  • Have a story
  • Make it easy to publicise

Kevin Allocaa trends manager working in Youtube, tells us that there are three key elements to make your video go viral.


Otherwise known as an influencer is a person that already has a following.  If this person shares a video, the likelihood of that video going viral is much higher.  Take for example Jimmy Kimmel, he tweeted about the double rainbow video and once his viewers read this more and more people started to view the video.

Creative community participation

This is where a video is so catchy and gripping that other people want to make their own parody of the video.  If we look at Teresa Mannion, a weather reporter for the RTE News, she didn’t expect one of her news reports to become viral.  It was viewed all over the world.  It got so much attraction that people began to remix the report with different songs and change up the lyrics.  Check out the original video of Teresa Mannion or view the remix below.


A video needs to be surprising, as the heading suggests, if it is unexpected and creates an emotional connection you will grab your audience’s attention.

I also suggest a look at reelseo for more tips on how to make your video a huge success.

Best Practice

Some examples of viral videos that I feel deserve the title of “Best Practice” were created by two well known brands.  These were created as part of marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness.  Both videos play with your emotions and really grab the audiences attention.

The first video is the T-Mobile welcome back campaign where talented singers sang to passengers arriving at Heathrow Airport.  This video has over 15 million views on Youtube and in my opinion really gets the hairs standing on your arms.  From watching the video you can see the joy and happiness brought to the passengers faces and I feel that this is contagious and relates to the audience viewing the video also.  You almost want to be there in the moment.

The second video is Evian roller babies, with over 82 Million views this definitly is up there with the most viewed videos.  This video is plain and simple.  The message is clear, drink Evian and you  will feel young, healthy and energetic.  The video shows the effects of the drink on your body.  Check it out below for yourself.  It really draws you in and you can’t help but smile.

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Until next time,

Michael B


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