What Information Can I really get from Google Analytics?

Google analytics
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Google Analytics is a fremium web analytics service offered by Google that can track and report all traffic to your website for (SEO) search engine optimisation.  It is the most widely used analytics service and has proven to be a very invaluable tool for companies and their websites.  It is available to anyone who has a google account.

Google Analytics
Source: Flickr

Google analytics is very important to Marketers in every business as it provides important information to help a business use their website in the most effective way.  SEO is a practice which all marketers need to focus in on to achieve the best outcome from their company website.  The purpose of google analytics is to pinpoint the pros and cons to your website and highlight where improvements are required to achieve the most traffic.

So how does it work  ???

Google will implant pieces of code into each page on your website.  The code can be described like little robots moving through your site map and finding what works best and what doesn’t work at all.  The purpose of this is that the analytics system can gauge all of the activity on your site.  Having this information is vital to target your audience correctly.   

With all this information a company will be able to tailor their website to help optimise leads, increase traffic and ensure stickier content thus increasing search engine optimisation.  This is key as google will rank your website highest on the SEO the more attractive and user friendly it is.  Also if you have created content that keeps the customer engaged on your site for long periods google will rank this better then competitor sites.

Source: Flickr


Google Analytics features include:

  • What search terms are bringing people to your page
  • Where is the traffic to your site directed from? Is it from a link on a different page or from google itself
  • What advertising is working
  • Page Views
  • Bounce Rate
  • Segmentation for analysis of subsets, such as conversions.

According to Tech target, Google Analytics is geared toward small and medium-sized retail websites. The service has limitations that make it less suited to more complex websites and larger enterprises. For example, the system collects data through a Javascript page tag inserted in the code of pages the user wants to collect data on. The page tag functions as a web bug to gather visitor information. However, because it’s reliant on cookies, the system can’t collect data for users who have disabled them. Google also uses sampling in its reports rather than analyzing all available data.

On further research of Google Analytics I discovered Mashable.  Mashable gives a list of some of the same features as mentioned previous and also extra one’s which may be of use to you.

I have attached a video below which I think would really benefit the beginner and anyone who has subscribed to Google analytics but doesn’t know what they are doing.  I hope it helps.


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