Top 5 Tips For Writing Great Blog Posts

So, you are interested in becoming a creative blogger, you don’t know where to start?   You’ve had a creative block… Well, I suggest that you continue reading…..

Worry No More

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We’ve all been there, whether it was writing an assignment or trying to write a simple blog.  Creativity may not be everyone’s strongest point.  This blog aims to bring you through how to begin a blog and also how to ensure that this blog is creative and engaging to your audience.  When writing a blog, we all worry, how am I going to keep my audience interested?  Who is going to follow me?  Well, worry no more.  I will bring you through how to overcome all your fears.

The average individual has an attention span of .7 seconds, that’s .1 second less than a goldfish, so reading a blog needs to be captivating otherwise you may as well say goodbye to your followers.  On the internet you will find that there are many different tips to writing a blog, some of which are key.

Wordstream is a reputable website which gives the beginner blogger an idea of the best way to write a blog.  According to Wordstream, writing a blog is like driving a car, you can study all the books to help you learn how to drive but when it comes to the real thing nothing can compare you for what’s ahead.  The website outlines five important steps that one should consider before, during and after writing a creative blog.  One could really relate to these as I have stated below.

Having read and analysed the website myself it has really opened my eyes up about how to write an interesting, engaging and creative blog.

  1. Planning:  What’s this you say? I thought I could just jump straight in.  Oh, but let me tell you, it’s not that simple unfortunately.  Well, it is possible that one could spend hours, even weeks writing the blog before they publish.  Does the topic your writing about interest you?  Take for example writing this blog.  I have a huge amount of interest in Digital Marketing so, a lot of planning was put into what sites I would research, where would I get the must reputable information that I could relate to and how would I begin talking about Digital Marketing.

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  2. Headlines:  Specific headlines are important for a beginner.  This is what will grab your audience.  There are two approaches.  Have one before you blog or think of one while you are in the midst of blogging.  For this blog, we were given the heading and asked to write about that particular topic.  From researching though I can really see and believe that the heading is crucial to your blog as that is the first thing your reader will see.
  3. The Writing Itself:  Here’s your story, what you are blogging about.  At first don’t expect to be able to write a full blog within hours, that will come in time.  Think of what you want to write about, make a draft, this way you will not forget important bits.  It took at least four attempts for me to get the relevant information about this blog down.  I kept coming back and adding crucial information to make sure I was as informative as possible.

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  4. Using Images effectively:  It is important to chose an image that relates to the tone of your writing.  It can help to inject humour into your posts or if your writing about something more emotional or captivating imagery can help to enhance the writing piece.                                                                                                                                                                     
  5. Editing your blog:  Not only must you check spelling and grammar you must also make the decision to sacrifice some parts of your blog for others.  You need to read and make sure you writing flows and all relates to the piece you write about.


Another website which I researched that helped me to develop my creative blogging skills is Oxford Dictionaries.  This website gives another 5 important tips to creative writing.  One thing I have learned is that it is so important to do your research before you begin blogging.  I got so much help and inspiration from looking at these sites.

 The video below shows blogger Joshua Fields Millburn who blogs for The Minimalists take about how to create a creative blog.  Joshua blogs to 4 million people daily about a meaningful life.  It makes for a really interesting watch and I highly recommend it.  I suggest that you check out his blog for hints and tips on styles of writing and other methods of blogging like podcasts.

Source: Youtube

So now that you have read the above, give it a try.  don’t let others tell you that you’ll never make a creative blogger, jump straight in, share your interests with the world.  A career in blogging could be whats just around the corner.

I hope the above helped you to understand blogging in more detail and sparked that creative side in you.

Goodbye for now,

Until my next blog,

Michael Brazil


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